Cherrystone Aqua Farms

“Cultivating bivalves for over 100 years and they’re damn good at it.”

At Cherrystone Aqua-Farms, they love shellfish. They are proud parents; raising bivalve babies with the utmost care and consideration. They are farmers; taking oyster and clam husbandry seriously. They are environmentalists; using sustainable harvesting practices in put-and-take fisheries that have no impact on wild shellfish populations... and literally help the environment by improving water quality! 

Today the 5th generation of the Ballard family is still producing phenomenal shellfish with a reputation for quality, consistency, and service. Throughout their history they have acquired the finest shellfish growing grounds in the world and paired them with people who are committed to producing exceptional products for the folks who gather around tables across country to enjoy them.

So, why do we love Cherrystone Aqua Farms?  There is something for every palate! From sweet, tender clams to perfectly salty oysters there's something beautiful about the variety of flavors their products provide. Whether you're eating them raw or grilling, roasting, or steaming the clams and oysters, we know there's something you'll love.

Some of our Favorite Products:


Truly, the best tasting clams in the world thanks to the pristine waters they're grown in. All of Cherrystone Aqua Farms clams are purged in their state of the art wet storage system for industry leading cleanliness and shelf life. And, the clams are grit-free!


Grown in the salty waters surrounding Chincoteague Island and Assateague National Wildlife Refuge, a genuine Salt Water Cowboy raises these tasty treats. A slightly larger cultured oyster than most, prepare your palate for bites brimming with invigorating salt.

One word to describe these oysters… SALTY!!! Try 'em with: a spritz of fresh lime or lemon. They pair well with a Tajin rimmed margarita garnished with lime and cilantro.


Harvested from the salty, ocean flushed waters around Virginia's Eastern Shore. Tumbled by wind and tide, they offer unparalleled shuckability, uniformity, and a higher meat-to-shell ratio.

Growing these oysters in floating cages means they are constantly moved by both the tides going in and out as well as the wind moving the water's surface. This increased friction means the outer fringes of the oysters' shells are worn away to form a deeper cup to hold the oyster. 

They have a high salinity up front, fading into bright, sweet hints of celery and grass.They're delicious on their own, but their bold flavor holds up well with cocktail sauce with a little kick. You can pair them with a sweet rosé.

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