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About Us

Located in the Cleveland Flats, Catanese Classics headquarters sits on the East Bank of the Cuyahoga River in our 35,000 square foot facility that is home to our expansive seafood operation. From our dedicated and skilled operations crew, to our knowledgeable and committed sales team, our values are shared and demonstrated by everyone at Classic. And at the root of it all, passion for the seafood industry is what fuels the fire! With over 40 years in the industry, we continuously strive to be trend setters in the market, as well as a source of information for our customers. From the local Yellow Perch operation to procuring the wildest unique items from across the globe, we enjoy and revel in the challenge of being the premier source for seafood.

At Classic Seafood, we all understand that well managed fisheries, both wild and farmed, are the key to survival of the seafood industry. Collaboration with multiple sustainability programs, along with partnering with suppliers and fisherman who share those same beliefs are the key to our future. We want everybody to be able to enjoy fine seafood for generations to come and the only way to assure that is aligning ourselves with those in the industry who understand and strive for sustainable fisheries worldwide.

While we are in the process of growing our operations, it is always our top priority to go above and beyond the set guidelines in place. Catanese Classic Seafood adheres to the strict standards of HACCP regulations, remains complaint with the ODA Food Safety standards as well as with the FDA Seafood standards. We carry an Interstate Shellfish Certification and voluntarily work with a third-party auditor, Siliker, to ensure that all processes adhere and surpass set guidelines.

We are passionate and committed to bring change to the seafood industry, and it is our promise to you that we continue to do so while providing you with the highest quality seafood.

We are passionate and committed to bring change to the seafood industry, and promise to do so while providing you with the highest quality seafood.


Classic Seafood strives to give opportunities to smaller seafood sources that offer exceptional quality and traceability with their products. While there are many large seafood sources that have good products, the smaller ones work harder to provide impressive product each and every time. The fresh seafood supply isn’t a 9-5 business which means buyers make themselves available seven days a week, so we don’t miss an opportunity to buy something unique. Some products have been caught less than an hour prior to a supplier’s call. Our frozen buyers source products from all around the world, and make strategic buys in order to both protect our customers from supply interruptions and protect them from temporary price increases when possible.

Shipments arrive by truck, commercial air and overnight express service and sometimes by boat from Lake Erie fishing partners! Dedicated Classic drivers also make trips that can exceed 10 hours just to pick up fish-If the fish won’t come to you then go to the fish!

Because of the nature of the industry, daily selections constantly change. For a list of what’s available, please give us a call!

Featured Supplier Partners:

We have built strong long-term and new relationships with the world’s premium sources that share our passion for fine fish and shellfish. Every fish has a story and hardworking individuals are at the core of those stories.


Clambake Season in Northeast Ohio is a unique experience. Unlike the Eastern Seaboard and other Coastal areas that celebrate Clambakes in the summer months, Cleveland has its own twist on this fabulous feast. In Northeast Ohio, we call the fall Clambake Season. From the weekend after Labor Day to the last weekend in October, the season is in full swing. In backyards, parks, restaurants or any other venue that you can fire up a clam steamer, you can smell air filled with the flavors and aromas of a true seafood treat.

Yellow Perch Program

We are proud to be the sole wholesale seafood company in Northeast Ohio offloading Yellow Perch boats at our docks. Our prime waterfront location offers fishermen and women a safe harbor to dock their vessels and gives us control over the entire process from boat to customer. Being a Trap Net fishery, the fish are alive in the nets as they are lifted onboard the fishing vessel. The Lake Erie fishery is also a true day boat fishery, as the regulations only allow fishing from dawn to dusk. The fishermen lift live fish onto their boats and transport them directly to our docks and into the processing plant still living. Skilled fish cutters inspect, scale, and hand fillet each fish and load them in containers for daily fresh sales. Our operation also produces the finest Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) fillets, packed with care in Classic label 11-pound cases. Catanese Classic Seafood is truly the only choice in Northeast Ohio for the finest Lake Erie fish.

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