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Chef Cube Classics, a division of Catanese Classics, welcomes you to our international specialty goods line where we continually explore the globe for new and exciting products. Our research and passion have brought new riches to top chefs, caterers, and restaurants all over. As a leading purveyor in specialty goods, we stock thousands of ingredients: herbs and spices, beans, grains, rice, dried fruits, chocolates and couvertures, pastry ingredients, vinegar, and oil.

Located on Cleveland’s eastside, our 38,000 sq ft facility is home to both Chef Cube Classics and Catanese Classic Cheese. This state-of-the-art facility includes multiple climate-controlled storage and processing rooms for the spice and dry good production, as well as a humidity-controlled chocolate couverture room.

While we are in the process of growing all operations, it is always our top priority to go above and beyond the set guidelines. Chef Cube Classics adheres to the strict standards of HACCP regulations and remains complaint with Good Manufacturing Practices. In addition, our staff is fully trained in FSPC Preventive Controls.

At Chef Cube, the mission is to offer the industry’s top-quality products at a fair price. We carry out this mission through the understanding that our customers success is the key ingredient to our success. Whether it be menu consulting and development or product training, we have the team in place to help you succeed. We are passionate and committed to bring value and flavor to your kitchens, one spice (or grain) at a time!

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Chef Cube was founded on the idea of “by chefs, for chefs.” We are unique in the sense that we have built a team of industry professionals who not only sell the Chef Cube brand but have also worked with our ingredients for a true hands-on knowledge of the product base. With hands-on experience and testing comes pure confidence in the product that we carry, along with ingredients that we can 100% stand behind.

While our team of dedicated buyers are constantly searching the globe for new and innovative products to add, it is you, our customer who helps in that process. Our customers help determine the product lines or specs that we carry based on the needs that are communicated to us. We aim to help you reach your menu goals, whether it be a specific spice for a missing flavor, a custom grain mix or the perfect couverture for any pastry.

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In order to provide you with the most exceptional products, we believe that building strong relationships and partnering with the right suppliers is essential. We partner with companies who share the same beliefs as us and our customers, and that is to bring quality products or ingredients to the table every time!

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