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Under our Catanese Classic Cheese segment, you will find that our team has curated an assortment of traditional and rare cheeses from all over the world. We have maintained our unique niche by building a team of industry professionals who understand the needs of all customers as well as the art and dedication to the craft of artisanal cheese making. Our passion for tradition, sustainable farming and seasonally produced hand-crafted products has been the culmination of one of the best cheese programs in the Midwest.

Whether it is from one of largest producers in the world or from one of the smallest dairy farms just hours from our plant, we are always on a quest to look for the next rising cheese star. Staying true to our beliefs and with a respect for the passion that goes into producing handmade artisan products, we have forged personal relationships with many of our producers to truly express the stories behind our offerings

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Catanese Classic Cheese has much to offer from everyday workhorse cheeses to the rare and seasonally produced. While we are proud of our entire catalog of cheese, we take great pride in partnering with the local, small family run farms. Every artisan has a story share and we truly enjoy bringing these local gems to the market for all to try!

In addition to our local cheese products, we have built an impressive Air Ship program with cheeses from both France and Italy that are hand selected buy our partners abroad. If processed cheeses are what you are looking for, we have a clean label cheese processing program that uses no mold inhibitors or anticaking agents. We can produce custom blends, retail cut & wrap wedges, cheese cubes, as well as grated, shredded, and shaved cheeses.

Featured Supplier Partners:

We are deeply honored to showcase the select group of artisans represented in our catalog. We work with both European and domestic producers dedicated to animal husbandry and sustainable farming who craft small batch cheeses using old world methods in modern settings. We are continually looking for new partners committed to these beliefs.

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