Homestead Springs Farm

Homestead Springs is a diversified family farming operation located in Shiloh, Ohio.

Owned and operated by Damon and Jayne Meyer and their children, they started out as a farmers raising hogs and cattle with acres of corn, alfalfa, beans, organic soy, wheat and oats. Today, they focus on raising fat-and-flavor-forward Berkshire pork and Rainbow Trout.

We are excited to offer our customers Homestead Springs Berkshire Pork. Products like our Pork Belly, Pork Butts, Hams, Shanks and Spare Ribs are all available under the Homestead label.

Bred purely for taste and fed real corn to develop inner muscular fat, their Berkshire hogs are extremely flavorful and prized by Chefs and pork lovers alike. True to the flavor of original American pork, Berkshire is juicy and tender, with more fat and finer marbling for incredible flavor and texture.

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