Marshall Cove Mussels

What started as a love for working on the water and an appreciation for high quality seafood.

Marshall Cove Mussels went from an idea to a reality in 2016 when Islesboro Marine Enterprises started a sustainable sea-farm based in Maine’s clean waters.

Marshall Cove Mussels are premium quality, rope grown Maine blue mussels from Islesboro in Penobscot Bay. The mussels begin from wild-caught mussel seed collected and grown on ropes suspended from floating rafts. These floating rafts produce superior shellfish that are clean, and full of meat. Their farming methods ensure a high-quality product, grown responsibly in balance with the marine ecosystem. Marshall Cove’s are 2.5-3.5” in length and are washed, graded and debyssed for a clean, grit free mussel. Their meat to shell ratio tends to be on the higher end, proving you with a large, plump and juicy meat. 

Marshall Cove Mussels diversifies Maines local economy with a sustainable industry that is good for the community and good for the environment, providing a high-quality food product to all.

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