John Catanese

Chief Executive Officer

Determined to succeed, John started working multiple jobs at a young age.  He explored many jobs and passions during high school but was drawn into seafood thanks to his brother Jim who had just started Waterfront Seafood. Fortunately, it worked out and his love for the industry grew. After a day at school, John would help Jim make sales calls and deliver seafood. That’s where he found his passion for helping others. While attending college, he was constantly pulled back into the family business, working and growing alongside his brother. In fact, John became Vice President of Waterfront Seafood before the company was sold. After a couple of years in seafood importing, John started Catanese Classic Seafood alongside Jim in 2004. John played a huge role in the growth and success of the business by bringing new ideas to the industry, trustworthy products to market, and building honest relationships. He did all this while giving back to the local community.

John is enthusiastic about the food service industry but he’s most passionate about partnering with customers and helping make a difference in their business. His desire to help others comes from seeing the success of those around him. Knowing that Catanese Classics helps other businesses grow is what brings him the most satisfaction.

Outside of the office, John has enjoyed coaching youth sports and is active in community organizations and charities. He’s also an active member of the Honduran Children’s Rescue Fund alongside the Gesu Parish, which helps children who otherwise would not have a chance to live by providing humanitarian aid and medical equipment.