Poke the Basics

Poke pronounced “POH-kay” and translates to “cut crosswise” referring to the raw cubed fish used in the dish.

The roots of poke date back to the early 1700’s where locals in Oahu, Hawaii would simply prepare raw tuna or albacore with whatever was available, traditionally rice and sauce.  After heavy Asian influence and increased popularity, this dish is being served across the country and interpreted a variety of ways.  In Cleveland, poke can be found at 2nd and High Poke House & Bar and Corner 11 Bowl & Wrap.  As this dish pops up on menus and food trucks, we have a feeling the poke trend will be a huge success when executed by the fine chefs of Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.

Pick Your Sauce

Picking the right sauce is crucial when building a poke bowl to fit your taste (and might take some delicious trial and error).  All sauces below are available at our market in the Flats –

Sriracha: widely popular for its spicy goodness, will flavor up your bowl instantly.  If you’ve never experienced, think garlic, vinegar and chili.

Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce: Perfect for dipping and those who prefer a milder spice.  This sauce is sweet and tangy with a little heat at the end.

Ponzu: A light, citrus seasoned soy sauce that will freshen up your poke bowl.  Salty, sweet and tangy – no spice.

Pineapple Teriyaki: This sauce works great in a variety of applications, perfect for dipping and as a marinade.  Flavor is slightly salty with some sweetness from the honey and pineapple infusion.

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